Fiery Pink Pepper Hand Wash & Lotion

London via Reunion Island

A humid dusk on the descent of Cirque de Salazie. Jewelled birds of paradise flaunt across warm air. The scent of crushed sweet spices drift over colourful rooftops. Entice curiosity with aromatic adventure.

Smouldering. Sultry. Stirring.

Available in 300ml.

Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Hand Wash & Lotion

London via Cape York

A salt-sprayed collision of the ocean swell against rugged outcrops. Awash your senses with sea-soaked adventure.

Coastal. Venturesome. Uncharted.

Available in 300ml.

Orange & Bergamot Hand Wash & Lotion

London Via Seville

Dappled shade. Fruit hanging from the trees. Scents as sunny as the sky. It’s our original. Straight from the grove.

Lively. Zesty. Unmistakable.

Available in 300ml.

Heavenly Gingerlily Hand Wash & Lotion

London via Tahiti

Polynesian tamanu nut oil with ginger and lily. Wanderlust? Welcome to the great escape.

Exotic. Alluring. Escapist.

Available in 300ml.

Refined White Mulberry Hand Wash & Lotion

London via Les Cevennes Winding rivers.

A freshly tied bouquet garni. Mulberry trees hooked along the slopes. Head to the mountains for the height of French chic.

Fresh. Crisp. Composed.

Available in 300ml.

Lime & Patchouli Hand Wash & Lotion

London Via Mexico

Brightly coloured streets. Lively conversation. A squeeze of zesty lime. Freshen up your home with some Mexican spark.

Vibrant. Sharp. Uplifting.

Available in 300ml.

Chrome Wall Fixture

Ensure the security of your Molton Brown amenities in public spaces with this high quality chrome wall-mounted fixture. Perfect for the basin or shower.